Our company was established in 1954 by Mr. Giovanni Affri, who succeed in passing down to his son – Mr. Davide Affri, who is the current owner of the firm – his same passion. We are actively operating as autonomous designers and manufacturers of our products, we mind both the mechanical and electronic design, looking at the future through consistent investments in research and development, implementing innovative techniques based upon the wide experience built up so far: this allows us to offer instruments more and more simple, accurate, effective, reliable and fast.







For a long time we have successfully overcome the philosophy of load application by means of leverage and inert weights, replacing it with the use of loading cells and closed loop control (Affri patent no. 1175158).

Our technical progress is safeguarded by patents progressively registered and it also became a reference point for the design of hardness measurement systems with closed loop control










The design of our systems is driven by the specific market requirements for what concerns the standards products and by the individual customer needs for what concerns the custom products; every project is fully developed within our technical department and it becomes a reality in the factory department









We offer advice services to search the best technical solutions to your problems and we are also available to show you the user friendliness of our durometers through a direct demo on the instrument

We have a wide range of instruments and standard accessories ready to meat the requirement of most customers; however, if this is not sufficient, we are glad to meet special requests by designing tailor-made equipment. Many large companies have chosen our measurement instruments as reference for their production and many of them use custom products


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